Huawei Mobile Services 2020 Statistics Update

Huawei has announced its Mobile Services called HMS (formally known as Huawei HMS) last year, HMS growth of rate rapidly increasing worldwide. Huawei at the launch event of the P40 series stated that the P40 series are the first phones that are full of HMS apps, the HMS progress is good and we are ready to give the consumers more choice.

Google Mobile Service in Huawei devices can no longer be used since May 2019. This has a significant impact on Huawei’s overseas markets, particularly the European market. And an alternative was needed. The popular top apps are now in Huawei’s App Gallery and integrated with the Huawei Mobile Service Core. It gets better and better with time.

Huawei Mobile Services March 2020 Statistics:

  • 170+ Countries/Regions
  • 400 Million+ Monthly Active Users
  • 1.3 Million+ Developers and Partners

Huawei Mobile Services March 2020

During the Huawei P40 press conference, one media reporter asked, What is the state of development of Huawei’s Mobile Services (HMS)? What is the state of the ecosystem? In respond the company says, “We still want to continue our cooperation with Google, but we do not have a choice. We have built HMS to do this, and the company is ready to give the consumers more choice. We make a lot of profit for US companies, but they ban us, which gives less choice to consumers. It is difficult to understand. For the last 3 years, we have had a good contribution to the Android ecosystem, with technology and ideas and everything, but also we enable big profits to US companies. Google uses ideas that are first from Huawei. But unfortunately, the US ban influences us a lot.

But we are recovering well, and HMS Core and HMS Services will be very successful in the future. It is getting better every month, every week, every day. We do still want to cooperate with Google. But we need the US government license and permission.

At the beginning with HMS and the App Gallery, perhaps some apps are not ready, but they could download them from elsewhere. With time, most of the popular apps will integrate HMS Core, and be in the App Gallery. That will improve very quickly. In the beginning, perhaps it was not so perfect, but with time it will get better. We still have confidence it will quickly improve. But our service, and through our retail service partners, we can help the consumer to tell them how to use all of these popular apps and how to use the phones and use the full capabilities.”

Huawei Mobile Services February 2020 Statistics:

  • In spite of the difficulties, Huawei continues to promote HMS in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and other regions.
  • Huawei invested $10 million in Russia to attract local developers.
  • The Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell entered into an agreement with Huawei to sell 1 million HMS smartphones.

HMS Core 4.0 features:

  • Huawei accounts
  • Payment
  • Analysis
  • Cloud space
  • Game services
  • Machine-learning services
  • Context-aware services
  • Unified code scanning services
  • Short-range communication services
  • Panoramic services
  • Security detection services
  • Dynamic tag manager services
  • Online rapid authentication services
  • Location services
  • Digital rights services
  • Sports health services
  • User identity services, etc.

Huawei HMS Core Kit:

Huawei HMS Core includes open device and cloud capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services. The Huawei HMS Core Kit is divided into three sections.

  1. Huawei HMS Core Development Kit
  2. Huawei HMS Core Growth Kit
  3. Huawei HMS Core Monetization Kit

How to integrate Huawei HMS Core?

Here’s how to do Preparations for Integrating HUAWEI HMS Core, follow the below steps.

  1.  Creating an App in AppGallery Connect.
  2.  Add Package Name.
  3. Creating an Android Studio Project.
  4.  Generating a Signing Certificate.
  5. Generating a Signing Certificate Fingerprint.
  6. Add a fingerprint certificate to AppGallery Connect.
  7. Add Maven libraries and plugin.
  8. Configure project signature.
  9. Sync Project.

Check the complete tutorial here.

These 22 courses are available in Huawei HMS Core 4.0:

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Resources:

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