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Huawei applied for Powered by Kunpeng trademark

Powered by Kunpeng

In the past few years, Google’s “Powered by Android” brand logo was set up on the smartphone startup screen. After Huawei left the main Android camp now in Huawei phones “Powered by Harmony OS” brand logo is replaced. This icon has now appeared on the animation of the boot interface of the Harmony OS 2.0 supported device. At present, Huawei has a large number of Powered by Harmony OS trademarks.

Quick SingleHuawei applied trademark for HarmonyOS Connect

Now, according to the information, Huawei has registered a large number of Powered by Kunpeng trademarks, which are expected to be used in Kunpeng platform products such as Huawei Kunpeng desktops. Recently, some Weibo tipsters posted the sticker “Powered by Kunpeng” for Huawei Kunpeng desktops. The design seems very simple.

Powered by Kunpeng Huawei Powered by Kunpeng Trademark





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