Huawei applied trademark for HarmonyOS Connect

According to the latest information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently applied for the registration of “HarmonyOS Connect” and “Hongmeng Zhilian” trademarks, and a new application for the classification of transportation vehicles.

According to the company’s investigation, in addition, it has also applied for classification of medical devices and scientific instruments, and the current trademark status is under process.

Recently, Huawei has officially opened a Weibo account with the username @HuaweiHarmonyOS. HarmonyOS/Hongmeng OS is the third-largest mobile operating system besides Android and iOS, is expected to be launched on a large scale in June. At present, some actual experience videos of Hongmeng operating system phones have appeared on the Internet. Judging from these videos alone, HarmonyOS fluency and animation effects have been improved compared to the Android system.

HarmonyOS Connect Trademark HarmonyOS Connect Trademark-1




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