Huawei to deal with OSLabs for Google app store challenge

Huawei is ready to make an arrangement with India’s system applications firm OSLabs, the make of IndusOS, to offer a curated Android application store on its own marked and Honor phones, a transition to enable the Chinese firm to nullify vulnerability about the continuation of Google services because of US limitations.

With over 400,000 apps and in-house machine learning algorithms, Indus App Bazaar offers unparalleled insights to app developers. IndusOS’s app store, App Bazaar, has 12 local languages besides English in its own app store. In the Indian market mainly, both the companies were exploring a global partnership since Huawei faced the GMS challenge across the globe.

This big change from Huawei is all about to make its traffic against Google application store in India. It will help Huawei resuscitate deals of its gadgets, both Huawei and Honor brands in India,

Huawei has now its own HMS to continue accepting more challenge on its way. “Compared to GMS Core, HMS Core has better machine learning service capabilities, which can bring more powerful AI capabilities and can support various applications – Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong.

HMS includes the following Apps and services:

  • Huawei AppGallery
  • Huawei Browser
  • Huawei Mobile Cloud
  • Huawei Themes
  • Huawei Music
  • Huawei Video
  • Huawei Reader
  • Huawei Assistant & Huawei Search.

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Latest News:

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