Beginner’s Guide: What to Do With Your New Honor SmartWatch

First of all, congratulations on becoming a member of Huawei/Honor products. Here’s what you need to do is, just follow the below settings/changes to make it ready.

Update to the Latest Version:

  • Update Huawei Health App to the latest version from Play Store or Huawei app gallery.
  • Update firmware of Watch through Huawei Health App.

Settings Changes:-

  • Go to “Language and Input” and change the language.
  • Change region.

Watch Faces:

You can install and manage your desired watch faces in the Huawei Health app. (You can only use photos in Gallery to customize the background, style and icon position of certain watch faces.)

1. Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices, go to Watch faces > More > Mine, and touch Gallery.

2. Touch + and choose to either upload an image from your phone’s Gallery or take a new photo. Then select your desired image and touch Save. Your watch will then display your customized image.

3. On the Gallery screen in the Huawei Health app, touch Style to customize the font and color of the displayed time and date.

4. Touch Layout to adjust the position of the displayed time and date.

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