Huawei Yang Haisong: HarmonyOS supports third-party mobile phones

May 18, 2021: At the Huawei HarmonyOS Partner Summit, Yang Haisong, vice president of Huawei Consumer Business AI and Smart Full Scenario Business Department, said in an interview with the media that Harmony (Hongemng) OS is completely open-source. This year, according to the established plan, a full-stack system of 128MB-4GB devices will be open-sourced. “Third party mobile phone manufacturers are welcome to use the Hongmeng (Harmony) system, open-source and build together.”

However, “who and when the three-party mobile phone will use the Hongmeng system depends entirely on the manufacturer’s own business considerations.”

At the HarmonyOS Partner Summit, Huawei officially announced the HarmonyOS Connect brand upgrade plan. The two major brands of “HUAWEI HiLink” and “Powered by HarmonyOS” were fully upgraded to “HarmonyOS Connect“.

Huawei HarmonyOS is a full-scene distributed operating system officially released by Huawei in 2019. According to the plan, from September 10, 2020, HarmonyOS will be oriented to large screens, watches, cars, etc. 128KB-128MB. In April 2021, it will be open source for terminals with memory 128MB-4GB, and after October 2021, it will be open source for all devices above 4GB.



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