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The Chinese tech giant Huawei is expected to start pushing Harmony OS to its devices in early June 2021. For now, the beta testing is in process, short videos also appeared on Weibo, revealing all major improvements Huawei has introduced.

The main change appears on the most a new control center, dragged from the top right corner. The top left corner brings a search engine within the phone, while a basic down gesture anywhere on the screen reveals notifications. In this article, you will get the supported application that is working properly in the Huawei HarmonyOS.

Download HarmonyOS System Apps: [List]

  • HwAOD
  • HiVision
  • HuaweiShare
  • HiSuggesstionHm
  • HwCamera
  • HwControlCenter
  • HwDeskClock
  • HwLauncher 6
  • HwNotePad
  • HwSoundRecorder
  • HwCamera

Note: If you experience some deficiencies in the camera interface after installing the camera application, you can follow Settings> Applications> Camera> Uninstall updates.

Click HERE to download the zip file containing the applications and try them on your device.

(Via –huaweiailesi)

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