Huawei HarmonyOS is expected to achieve 16 percent market share this year

Huawei has officially made an announcement of holing the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit in Shanghai on May 18th. According to reports, the Chinese manufacturer will officially announce the HarmonyOS Connect brand. In addition, Huawei will invite many partners to the event to let them participate in the ecological applications of HarmonyOS.

A number of HarmonyOS Connect device vendors, chip vendors, and other vendors will meet in Shanghai. This will be the first appearance of HarmonyOS Connect with partners of the ecosystem.

Huawei’s in-house system should exceed “16% market share” as quickly as possible. Specifically, the company’s goal is to exceed this mark by the end of this year.

At the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo in March this year, brands such as Haier, Shuaikang, Supor, Fangtai, Joyoung and other brands also showed several products with HarmonyOS. According to official figures, these products will be launched later this year.

According to Huawei, HarmonyOS requires minimal connection, small apps, and offers seamless connectivity. Huawei believes these are the reasons why other partners will choose HarmonyOS.



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