Huawei participation in Brazil 5G spectrum

Marcos Pontes, Brazil’s Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications said that Brazil will not accept any pressure from the United States on whether to allow China’s Huawei to participate in Brazil’s 5G spectrum auction. A good partner always understands each other’s needs (For Huawei)- He said.

Pontes is responsible for establishing the latest generation of ultra-high-speed Internet construction standards in Brazil. He said that he will not veto any company during the 5G spectrum auction in Brazil, and the final auction results will depend entirely on the set indicators.

“According to technical standards, it is difficult to see which of these large companies are not eligible to participate in this auction,” he said.

The 5G spectrum auction in Brazil was originally scheduled for March 2020 and was later postponed to the second half of 2020. He said we are solving a problem and we are making two changes in our system i.e installing a filter on a satellite antenna or changing the transmission frequency used by the television provider.

On the U.S point of view, Pontes cleared that the close relationship between Brazilian President Bolsonaro and U.S. President Trump has helped Brazil gain a lot in science and technology. He is currently seeking cooperation with the United States in a number of technology areas, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, smart cities, and advanced materials.

But Brazil and China are also discussing cooperation in similar areas.¬†“Technology is an important part of diplomacy,” he said.

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