EMUI: Huawei’s VP Bruce Lee responds on the Phone prompts to intercept QQ deleted photos

Tencent QQ officially released instructions on individual users’ feedback that “Huawei mobile phone prompts to intercept QQ deleted photos”. We are currently negotiating with Huawei EMUI to optimize this experience. Earlier, many users stated that their photos saved in the mobile phone during the QQ group chat will be immediately and secretly deleted by the QQ software.

According to the instructions released by Tencent QQ, in response to the video display provided by the user, the pictures saved in the system album have not been deleted. They still exist in the system album and have not been deleted. The pictures intercepted and protected by the Huawei system shown in the video are not pictures saved by the user in the mobile phone system, but temporarily cached pictures in QQ.
Huawei EMUI QQ

Translated (Chinese): “Huawei’s Bruce Lee responded on Weibo’s long picture about the protection function of image and video deletion. In the past, users often reported that the pictures on the phone were inexplicably lost. The final analysis was that some applications will automatically delete the pictures on the phone (not necessarily malicious behavior, many applications will automatically clear outdated pictures, but users think It is a picture lost), Huawei mobile phone added a picture and video deletion protection function on the EMUI 9.0 system, as long as there are third-party applications to delete photos or videos in the common gallery directory, users will be notified and reminded, and can be restored in the gallery recycle bin Content. If the third-party application does not want the cached image to be seen by the user in the system gallery, it should add the .nomedia attribute to the cache directory according to the Android specifications, so that the cached image will not be scanned by the system.”



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