Application fluency has increased by 60%! Huawei: More old models will upgrade the Ark compiler

Today, the official public number of Huawei Pollen Club issued a document, announced the latest adaptation of Huawei Ark compiler. Officials said that in addition to the Huawei P30 series, more old models will continue to support the Ark compiler after upgrading to EMUI 9.1.

In fact, Zhao Ming, the president of Glory, has said that the Honor V20 will be the first to adapt to the revolutionary Ark compiler. Without upgrading the hardware, the performance can be greatly improved, the system is smoother, and the APP can run faster. The experience of speeding up is coming! It will be upgraded in early May, and we look forward to using the faster honor V20.

On April 11th, at the spring conference of Huawei, in addition to the P30 series, the Huawei Ark compiler was also on fire. To put it simply, programs on existing Android systems often need to be executed while switching, which consumes more processing resources and affects the efficiency of program execution.

Huawei Ark compiler provides a new system and application compilation and operation mechanism. From dynamic compilation to static compilation, it directly compiles high-level languages ‚Äč‚Äčinto machine code directly, completely eliminating the overhead of virtual machine dynamic compilation and realizing development. Compatible with operational efficiency.

According to the test data of Huawei Labs, EMUI 9.1 only increased the system operation fluency by 24% and the system response performance by 44% after applying the Huawei Ark compiler to the system component System Server.

The Huawei Ark compiler will be used in more modules in the subsequent version development of EMUI, and the Ark compiler will be open source for the industry, and more developers can participate in the development and use of the Ark compiler. Take Sina Weibo Express Edition as an example. After applying the Ark compiler, according to Huawei Lab test data, the operation fluency is increased by up to 60%.

It is reported that after the Huawei P30 series conference Ark compiler open source, the Huawei terminal developer conference in August 2019 will announce the Ark compiler framework code open source, and the follow-up will be completed in November 2019 at the Green League Developer Conference. The code is open source.

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