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EMUI is a custom mobile operating system which is based on Android that is used on most Huawei and Honor branded smartphone devices (List of Smartphones). There are plenty of EMUI version announced by the company in the past years. You can check the Huawei’s EMUI history here. Now, according to the title of this article, we will look at the best EMUI 1o tips and tricks for your devices.

EMUI interface customization:

Change the background: Settings>Display>Wallpaper>Set wallpaper>Gallery/Other.
Activate the app drawer: Settings>Display>Home screen style>Drawer.
Change layouts and rearrange apps: press and hold on the home screen and click on Settings.
Display the percentage of battery left: Settings>Apps and notifications>Notifications and status bar>Battery percentage: Do not show/Next to battery icon/Inside battery icon.
Add contact info on the lock screen: Settings>Security and privacy>Screen lock & passwords>Lock screen signature.

EMUI Camera Tips:

Activate Pro mode: open the camera app. Swipe from left to right and click on Pro photo or Pro video.
Take a picture from the off-screen: double-click on the Lower Volume.
Select multiple photos at once: open folder, press and hold on the photo you want to select for a few seconds and swipe your finger to select the others.
Create a bokeh effect: open the camera and click on the icon simulating the lens aperture; now click on the object you want to focus on and shoot.

EMUI Display Settings:

Font size: Settings>Display>Text size.
Change the size of interface elements: Settings>Display>View mode.
Display resolution: Settings>Display>Screen Resolution.
Display brightness: Settings>Display>Brightness.
Color temperature: Settings>Display>Color temperature>Default/Warm/Cold.
Color mode: Settings>Display>Color mode>Normal/Vivid.
Filter the blue light on the screen: Settings>Display>Eye comfort.

EMUI Useful Tips & Tricks:

Activate voice commands: Settings>Smart Assistance>Voice control to answer or reject calls with your voice.
Call a contact from the off-screen: press and hold the volume key and say the name of the contact after the beep.
Open apps by drawing the initial on the display: Settings>Smart assistance>Motion Control>Draw.

Use two WhatsApp/Facebook accounts: Settings>Apps and Notifications>App twin.
Activate the unlock with face recognition: Settings>Security and privacy>Face unlock.
Activate one-handed operation: Settings>Smart Assistance>One-handed UI>Mini screen view.
Take a screenshot: Click a few times on the screen and get it done.
Set one or more fingerprints: Settings>Security and privacy>Fingerprint ID.
Create a private space : Settings>Security and Privacy>PrivateSpace.
Encrypt photos, audio, video, and other files: Settings>Security and privacy>File safe>Enable.
Block access to some apps: Settings>Security and Privacy>App Lock.
Install apps from unknown sources: Settings>Security and Privacy>Other>Install unknown apps.
Power consumption: Settings>Battery>Battery Usage.
Optimize consumption: Settings>Battery>Optimize, then click on the tips you want to put into practice.
Display percentage of remaining charge: Settings>Battery>Battery percentage and select the icon.
Set the dark interface to save battery: Settings>Battery>Darken interface colors.
Use reverse wireless charging: Settings>Battery>Reverse Wireless Charging.

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