How to use slow motion on Huawei P20 Pro

How to use slow motion on Huawei P20 Pro: You can capture 960fps super slow motion video recording on Huawei P20 Pro and P20 devices. In latest software update Huawei P20 Pro added automatically take slow motion videos in your device.

Step 1: Open camera app in your Huawei P20 Pro

Step 2: By default set photo as shooting mode. Swipe right side screen and tap More

Step 3: Tap Slow-mo

Step 4: Choose from 32x (960fps) / 4x (120fps) / 8x (240fps)

Step 5: Tap Shutter button to start recording super slow motion video

Step 6: Again tap shutter button to stop recording.

How to change video resolution in Huawei P20 Pro & P20

Camera > More > Resolution > 40M (4:3) / 10M (4:3) / 7M (1:1) / 7M (18:9)

How to use voice command to take photos on Huawei P20 Pro & P20

Camera app > Settings icon at upper right corner > Turn on Audio control > Enable Say cheese to take photo.

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