EMUI 10 Top Features You Should Know

EMUI 10 Top Features You Should Know:

  1. 3D CREATOR IN EMUI 10 which as gone in honorplay after pie update 9.0 and customization like more theme’s, font style, darkmode(nightmode) etc
  2. Require password/fingerprint on power off or restart when doing so from the lock screen, looking for the same in next EMUI 10 update.
  3. Multi-Resume Feature In EMUI 10: Android Q has also come up with a multi-resume feature which is upgraded version of what we have been experiencing under the name of, “Split Screen” and “Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode”. This feature enables the users to use all the split app screens in active mode. In other words, it won’t be like all apps in the background will go inactive/sleep mode while you are interacting with an app. All the apps will run simultaneously, independent of your interaction with the other opened app screens. This will enable the present generation to enjoy working with multiple apps on their smartphones, i.e., do multitasking.
  4. Vulkan API for UI Rendering: Android Q beta is also using Vulkan API for delivering exemplary user experience, which is an effective low-overhead, compute and cross-platform 3D graphics API, Same we can hope to get in the upcoming EMUI 10 update.
  5. Better Smart Locks In EMUI 10: Android 10 beta version is also highlighting the arrival of two new smart locks. The first type enables us to increase the unlock time period of our Android device, provided it is already unlocked. 
  6. Native Screen Recording in EMUI 10: The feature offers multiple controls in the notification shade, while it seeks for your permission in the first time.

7. Sharing Shortcuts in EMUI 10: A new ‘Sharing Shortcuts’ feature in Android Q that will enable users to directly switch to another application to share images, videos, etc.


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