EMUI 9 Bug – Vertical line after screenshot [Fixed]

One user-facing an issue with the Huawei’s EMUI version 9. “He says EMUI 9 has a very annoying bug. I do n’t know if you have found it. After the screenshot, if you crop the picture in the editor that comes with the system, a black vertical line will appear inexplicably on the left of the generated picture. This problem has been found since EMUI 9, how did it reach EMUI 10 and it has not been fixed?” (User dint mentioned the device name, So for you/user we providing one solution one, Have a look.)

Here’s the solution, First of all, all you need to check the latest EMUI update via your phone setting, or via HiCare(Support) App.

When will i receive the update?

If the company’s started a new version of the software, then your carrier will need to approve the software update before it can be available for download.
How do I receive the latest EMUI update?

Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet. Use a Wi-Fi network to avoid consuming your mobile data.

1. Open the Settings, and choose System. Tap Software update and then Check for updates. The device will automatically look for updates.

2. If a new update is available, tap New version and select Install Now or schedule the update to be installed Overnight.

3. If no update is found, you can select Options and tap Download the latest full package. When the system detects an upgrade tap Install Now or schedule the update using the Overnight option.Every new update includes new changelogs. The device will restart automatically when the update is complete.

Dependent on your model, you can also request an update through the HiCare app. To download the HiCare (Support) app.

Receiving an update requires registering a Huawei ID. Here are the steps to downloading through the HiCare app:

1. Open the HiCare app -> Log in -> Agree to the Privacy Notice and User Agreement -> Select country/region or switch to the UK version of the app.

2. Select Update.  If an update is available, select “Request update” -> “Apply” -> then “Download and install”. 

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How to check the latest EMUI 10 update?

Check Via Phone Settings: Go to the Settings -> ‘System’ -> ‘Software update’ -> ‘CHECK FOR UPDATES’ -> ‘Download and install’.

Check Via HiCare App: Open the latest version of HiCare (Support)app -> ‘Services’  -> ‘Update’ -> ‘CHECK FOR UPDATES’ ->‘Download and install’.


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