HarmonyOS a smart cockpit operating system will be installed this year

Wang Jun, Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, stated that the HarmonyOS-A smart cockpit operating system is currently the only open cockpit system and will start installing this year.

In addition, based on the HarmonyOS car-machine system, Huawei has developed in-depth cooperation with more than 80 hardware and software partners. Efforts to change the current situation of cockpit system hardware solidification, fewer applications, slow upgrades, jointly define hardware interfaces to achieve plug-and-play hardware, replaceable upgrades, and diversified hardware interconnections. Develop a cockpit system with full-scene coverage and multi-device collaboration to provide consumers with personalized, intelligent, and diversified service experiences.

When talking about the intelligent driving operating system AOS, Wang Jun revealed that Huawei’s intelligent driving circle of friends with MDC and AOS as the core is developing rapidly, and more than 100 partners in different fields have established extensive cooperation.

In addition, Wang Jun also stated that Huawei’s Suzhou Innovation Center will be opened to the public in the second half of this year. It plans to provide more than 50 million yuan in equipment support each year, invest more than 300 expert resources and develop more than 300 partners within 3 years, focusing on MDC and HarmonyOS.

Wang Jun also revealed that Huawei’s terminal equipment will be fully upgraded to the HarmonyOS operating system this year. It is expected that the overall scale will exceed 200 million by the end of the year. At the same time, third-party equipment for partners will also be fully adapted, including smart home, health equipment, travel, education, and other terminals that will exceed 100 million.



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