HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) native version 1.90 released – Frame emoji pack

According to the information, HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) native version 1.90 released. In addition to the frame emoji package, this time the spicy channel has also been added, which is convenient for students who like to chop their hands. Of course, it is an old rule. If you don’t like this channel, you can customize the bottom toolbar in the settings, just like the Android/iOS version. (Newly added this time), hide or sort the channel entrance, be considerate! In other words, there are not many toolbar/navigation bar buttons in the App that can be customized.

HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) native version 1.90 changelog:

New: Function – Box emoji is online, and supports sending emoji (the emoji is displayed as text in the input box, and will be displayed as an emoticon after the system is pushed to the model that supports a higher version of the SDK).

New: Function – Spicy channel online, shopping first to get coupons. Support search.

New: Function – bottom toolbar management, support settings to hide and sort.

Improvement: Function – Save the picture, change the avatar, etc. After the first permission is denied, the user will be prompted to grant the permission after the first operation.

Fixed: Interface – the problem of entering a carriage return in the input box on the login page.

Hongmeng OS native version 2.0 and subsequent versions are coming soon, user center, circles, offline push, feedback investigation/improvement/repair. Hongmeng OS native version 1.0 will be released on July 9, 2021, and it is still the beginning of the long march.

HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) native version 1.90 released


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