HarmonyOS smart box is coming

At HDC 2021 Developers Conference, Yu Chengdong said that as of now, the number of devices equipped with HarmonyOS has reached 150 million. These devices include smart screens, watches, smart speakers, mobile phones, etc. He also stated that the number of HarmonyOS devices will reach 200 million by the end of the year. It can be seen that HarmonyOS has become the fastest-growing terminal operating system in history.

The old TV can become Huawei wisdom seconds screen, and supports smooth and even call. The smart box demonstrated in the video was from Haimeidi Technology. Support Hongmeng mobile phone as a remote control, streaming video, and so on.

Domestic smart audio-visual brand manufacturer Haimeidi Technology has integrated into the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem, and is planning to upgrade OTT set-top boxes. At the conference, the smart box-travel version and the smart box-home version were displayed.

After accessing the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem, the Himedi Smart Box can be used to touch and pull up the super service card with a HarmonyOS mobile phone. You can control the Himedi Smart Box or get the latest movie recommendations through the FA card, eliminating the need to install software. At the same time, users can also obtain scene-based recommendations through FA cards, understand and purchase the 3D glasses and microphones they need in the process of watching movies, and enjoy the smart life brought by cross-screen collaboration.

HarmonyOS smart box is coming HarmonyOS smart box is coming-1 HarmonyOS smart box is coming-2

Haimeidi Smart Box will soon be listed on Huawei Mall (VMALL).



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