Huawei HarmonyOS adds 769 open source components

According to the latest information from the HarmonyOS Developer, WeChat official account, HarmonyOS released the third batch of open source, adding 769 open source components, involving tools, networks, file data, UI, frameworks, animation graphics, and 7 categories of audio/video.

HarmonyOS has launched more than 700 Java/JS components in the first two open source applications. Developers can download the source code directly through the HarmonyOS Gitee open source address or obtain related components from the HarmonyOS application package management platform.

HarmonyOS adds 769 open source components

On October 22 opening of the “Huawei Developers Conference 2021,” Huawei’s managing director, consumer business CEO, Huawei’s intelligent automotive solutions BU CEO Yu Chengdong excited to reveal the obscurity latest report card: “HarmonyOS (Hong Meng) is the history of the fastest growing smart terminal operating system.

For now, more than 150 million devices upgraded to HarmonyOS, including smart screens, tablets, watches, smart speakers, IoT devices, etc. It is expected that by the end of the year, the number of ‘1+8’ products equipped with HarmonyOS will reach 200 million, And there will be more devices with HarmonyOS next year.”

HarmonyOS 769 open source components


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