Huawei launches HarmonyOS 100 school seed program

According to the official information, Huawei HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program is coming! Not only provides HarmonyOS technical course resources, but also supports Huawei professional certification test coupons. The number of places is limited, first come first served!

The “HarmonyOS 100 Schools Seed Program” is aimed at major universities across the country, relying on Huawei’s HarmonyOS software and hardware open capabilities and platform’s rich curriculum resources, and aims to help colleges and universities cultivate a new generation of smart terminal operating system applications and equipment developers.

After joining the “HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program” of Huawei Eco-University, applicants can enjoy the following rights:

1. Platform learning resources

Each college can get free course resources in the direction of HarmonyOS technology

2. Support for Huawei Vocational Certification Exam Voucher

Each college can apply for up to 10 free HCIA-HarmonyOS test coupons (HarmonyOS certification includes two directions: equipment development and application development, schools can apply for test coupons in the corresponding direction as needed)

Application requirements:

You must register an account on the Huawei Talent Online Platform and learn the HarmonyOS special class course

instruction manual:

1. Application time: 2021.10.12-2021.12.31

2. Limited quantity: 100 colleges and universities, first come first served

3. According to the online learning and online test scores of the class

Top 10 issuance of free test coupons; Application requirements

You can apply for “HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program” if you meet the following conditions

General higher education institutions announced by the Ministry of Education

Apply with the college as the smallest organizational unit, personal applications are not accepted

The school has majors related to ICT technology such as computer and electronic information

Applicants must arrange for lecturers to start classes on the Huawei Talent Online Platform to teach related courses, and ensure that the total number of students in the class in the current school year is not less than 30.

Huawei launches HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program Huawei launches HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program-1 Huawei launches HarmonyOS 100 School Seed Program-2



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