Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8-inch getting HarmonyOS update in Europe

Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8-inch tablet users in the European market are now able to install the April 2022 security patch along with the new HarmonyOS update. Below you can check the changelog.

List of Changes
This update introduces HarmonyOS, providing an intuitive interface, a cross-device control panel, and various useful features.

Innovative Interaction
[HarmonyOS Home Screen]
Allows you to swipe up on app icons with widget bars at the bottom to create service widgets that can be resized and dragged to a new position.
Adds a quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen that gives you direct access to frequently used and recent apps.

Supports more flexible font customization where you can adjust font size and width with a slider.

[Neuromorphic Theme]
Applies the concept of neuromorphism to UI elements. It uses simple colors, tones, shadows and highlights to achieve a more realistic effect.

[Smart Folders]
Supports pressing and holding app folders on the home screen to enlarge them and make it easier to access the apps inside.

[Notification Panel and Control Panel]
Allows you to swipe down from the top left of the screen to access the notification panel to view notifications, and swipe down from the top right of the screen to
access the control panel to use shortcuts.
Adds support for connections with HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 headphones (updated to the latest version) via Super Device to enable seamless cooperation between tablet and headphones.

Smart Life in All Scenarios
[Cross-screen Cooperation]
Improves the function of cross-screen cooperation. Adds support for cross-screen
collaboration between tablets running HarmonyOS and computers running Windows, allowing you to drag and drop images and files between standalone systems.
For more information, visit:

[Huawei Share] Improves Huawei Share
transfer speed for faster file sharing between Huawei phones, tablets and laptops.

Adds the FreeScript and text editing features that allow you to convert handwritten text in the text field to the text input and use shortcuts to select or delete text and add or remove spaces.
Adds the M-Pen Zone app, which allows you to easily search for and download stylus-related apps.

Adds a function that allows you to add cards or certificates by scanning, and add watermarks to protect images.

[Celia Keyboard]
Adds quick download shortcut for Celia Keyboard to home screen. The app can be downloaded by tapping the shortcut. (Note: If the
AppGallery app auto-update setting is set to On or Wi-Fi only, app updates will be downloaded and installed automatically when the network connection is good.)

[Optimized User Experience]
Improves the performance of operations such as tapping and swiping.

Integrates security patches released in April 2022 for improved system security. For more information about the security of HUAWEI EMUI system updates, please visit the HUAWEI official website:

Notes on the update:
1. Your personal data will not be deleted by the update. However, we recommend that you back up important data before updating.
2. If you encounter any problems during the update, call Huawei customer hotline or visit a Huawei customer service center.
3. The update package will be automatically deleted after the update is complete.

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