Huawei new HarmonyOS powered smart glasses support cervical health functions

Huawei will hold a new conference on December 23 and the new Matebook X Pro, Huawei smart glasses and other products will be released. Huawei warm-up poster, said the smart glasses for the “wisdom of life portable assistant”, carrying HarmonyOS.  This smart glasses support the replacement of lenses, and the left and right glasses frames are equipped with sound units.

Huawei smart glasses support cervical spine health and can measure cervical spine posture and cervical spine load-bearing. You can also give voice reminders if you bow your head for too long.

Why Hua just posted on Weibo today that in recent years, with the faster pace of life and changes in work and living habits, the trend of younger patients with cervical spondylosis has become more and more obvious. This year, we will jointly develop with the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University to provide new functions for cervical spine health on the new Huawei smart glasses.

With the natural advantages of the wearing position of the glasses and the built-in sensors, Huawei smart glasses can monitor your cervical spine posture around the clock, and you can voice reminders if you keep your head down for too long.

Smart glasses support cervical health functions Smart glasses support cervical health functions-1 Smart glasses support cervical health functions-2


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