Huawei released the new management tool of HarmonyOS SDK

According to the latest information, Huawei HarmonyOS’s new tool is online! The sdkmgr command line helps build the pipeline. New report said that the sdkmgr is the HarmonyOS SDK management tool. Developers can directly use commands to view, download, and uninstall the HarmonyOS SDK. It supports automatic build script calls, and it is recommended to use it when building packages in the pipeline.

Compared with the way of downloading the HarmonyOS SDK from the DevEco Studio graphical interface, sdkmgr has two major advantages:

Advantage 1: It can be used without a graphical interface. For example, many Linux environment servers do not have a graphical interface, and it is generally impossible to manage SDK through DevEco Studio, while sdkmgr can be used in various systems.

HarmonyOS SDK Main Image

Advantage 2: By using sdkmgr, developers can automatically build scripts without manually generating hap packages, and automatically generate hap packages on the pipeline.

The command name of sdkmgr is sdkmgr. Developers can view, install/update and uninstall multiple HarmonyOS SDK components by entering commands.

The specific operation steps of sdkmgr are as follows:

  • On the official website of HarmonyOS application development, obtain the compressed package of sdkmgr and decompress it.
  • After decompression, open a command line terminal tool, such as Cmd, Powershell, etc., and enter the bin directory of the sdkmgr tool.
  • To ensure that the network is normal, enter relevant commands and execute commands such as view/install/update/uninstall.

Please refer to the following table for examples and usage scenarios of SDK component execution viewing/installation/update/uninstallation commands:

HarmonyOS SDK Image


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