Huawei Smart Screen V Series updated with HarmonyOS

Huawei Smart screen V series started getting the HarmonyOS (SP1) update. The latest update optimizes the system and supports mirror projection. Check the adapted models and changelog below.

Huawei Smart Screen V series HarmonyOS (SP1) update changelog:

HarmonyOS (SP1) -> HarmonyOS (SP2)

The rest area has added AR fun and dynamic somatosensory games. You can now share current or historical training results through Huawei share.

Support linkage with Huawei smart door lock series.

Adapted models

Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+16GB (HEGE-550C);
Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+32GB (HEGE-550B);
Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+64GB (HEGE-550);
Huawei Smart Screen V65 4GB+64GB (HEGE-560);
Huawei Smart Screen V65i 4GB+32GB (HEGE-560B);
Huawei Smart Screen V65 Premium Edition 4GB+128GB (HEGE-560S)
Huawei Smart Screen V75 4GB+64GB (HEGE-570)

The new Huawei smart screen V series is equipped with 24MP ultra-wide-angle AI eyes pop up, and its recognition ability has been greatly upgraded. It has been upgraded from single-person recognition to maximum three-person recognition. It supports up to three simultaneous AI fitness and 3D AI games

AI Kids is upgraded synchronously, a new child mode and remote management of parents, real-time monitoring of children’s sitting posture and distance while watching movies and take good care of children’s eye health. ​​​

A new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V series brings an experience of class on the big screen, you can attend the calls in real time and also manage the screen as a mobile office like multi-device collaboration.

Huawei Smart Screen V series HarmonyOS (SP1)
Huawei Smart Screen V series HarmonyOS (SP1)

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