Huawei water bottle with HarmonyOS launched in China

Since the HarmonyOS launched, Huawei has been working really very well on their own ecosystem, the 1 + 8 + N strategy. The company is continuously bringing home products to work smartly such as Lebooo Smart Sonic toothbrush makes a good example. This ecosystem is now being expanded to include a further smart device with a HUAWEI water bottle from the manufacturer HAERS.

The smart stainless steel bottle from HAERS with HarmonyOS has a screen with touchscreen, which should inform about the beverage temperature, the current filling quantity and the quantity already drunk on the day. The name of the owner should also be displayed so that the bottle can be easily assigned. A motion sensor is used to record the data, which, according to HUAWEI, has an error rate of 8%. In addition, the smart bottle has an antibacterial coating to kill germs.

The bottle should connect automatically via Bluetooth as soon as the lid is unscrewed and a maximum distance of 50 cm between the bottle and smartphone is maintained. Presumably, the recorded data can then be viewed in the HUAWEI Health app. The 250 mAh battery makes this device run 20 days, after which it can be recharged via a magnetic charging cable. The smart water bottle is currently only available in China from Vmall for the equivalent of around 22 € in black, blue and white.

Huawei water bottle with HarmonyOS Image Huawei water bottle with HarmonyOS


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