After Nova 5i Pro, 5, 5z now the Nova 5 Pro also getting HarmonyOS update

Huawei has released HarmonyOS update for the number of Huawei and Honor devices. In the list, the Huawei Nova 5 Pro phone also joined the race. The latest update for Nova 5 Pro is rolling out with software version HarmonyOS and the update size is 0.96 GB. Through this update, the service center will add a combination of scene-based services, and similar services can be obtained with one click; the gallery adds a universal card that supports portrait clustering, and it is recommended that you update.

Huawei Nova 5 Pro HarmonyOS Update Changelog:

[Service Center]

In the service center (swipe up from the edge of the left or bottom right corner of the screen to enter), add a scene-based service combination on the “Discovery” tab, and add it to the desktop to automatically adapt to the universal card, and obtain similar services with one click.

[Universal Card]

Added a universal card for portrait clustering (up-slide gallery application icon, which can be added to the desktop), you can rotate the photos of the selected person, click on the avatar to change the person, and click on the photo to jump to the clustering album of the person.


Added a quick download icon for Celia Keyboard application.

[Intelligent Voice]

Optimize smart voice function, wake up more sensitively.


Optimize system power consumption in some scenarios.

Huawei Nova 5 Pro HarmonyOS Update

Mr. Wang, president of Huawei Consumer BG AI stated earlier that, based on HarmonyOS Huawei’s devices have been upgraded up to 157 million units, third-party devices based OpenHarmony reach 60 million units. Wang Chenglu predicts that the third-party HarmonyOS equipment will reach 100 million units by the end of this year.

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