CITIC Securities: Huawei HarmonyOS reshaped the pattern of vehicle operating systems

According to the latest report of the CITIC Securities Research, the degree of intelligence of automobiles is constantly escalating, and automobiles are gradually transforming from traditional transportation tools to multi-functional intelligent mobile spaces, and the requirements for the underlying operating system are getting higher and higher.

QNX and Android systems are the mainstream choices of current models on the market, but they have their own shortcomings in terms of safety and openness.

According to the research report, in response to the growth points of the current in-vehicle operating system, Huawei has launched the Harmony car operating system, which uses a hybrid kernel design including Linux kernel, HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) microkernel and LiteOS.

The autonomous driving OS has obtained the highest level of functional safety ASIL-D certification in the industry. And the ability to smoothly migrate the rich ecology of mobile phones is expected to reshape the industry landscape . Focus on recommending Huayang Group, Zhongke Chuangda and Desay SV that closely cooperate with Huawei in the cockpit software and hardware ecology.

Huawei Hongmeng car operating system has attracted attention. Currently, only the HI version of BAIC Jihu Alpha S is equipped with the Harmony system. Huawei has released new smart car solutions such as Hongmeng OS smart cockpit, smart driving computing platform MDC810, and high-resolution 4D imaging radar.

At the 13th China Automotive Blue Book Forum, Wang Jun, President of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, said that we must have a goal when we are working on this system of autonomous driving. Our team’s goal is to make passenger cars truly driverless by 2025.



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