First HarmonyOS update is rolling out for Huawei smart glasses

Huawei launched flagship products powered by HarmonyOS on December 23, 2021. At the event, Huawei brought brand new Huawei smart glasses with a detachable front frame design.

The all-new Huawei smart glasses get an innovative detachable front frame design, offering three classic frame types: classic frame, stylish pilot, and retro round frame, as well as a variety of colorful frames, slim temple design, lightweight nylon material, and flexible hinges.

The new Huawei smart glasses use 128mm² large-amplitude speakers, stereo high-definition surround ears, inverse sound field acoustic system to reduce sound leakage, dual MIC anti-wind noise design, and clearer outdoor sound pickup.

The new Huawei smart glasses are the first glasses powered by HarmonyOS. It support key information, including short messages, schedule information, and boarding information. In terms of control, it supports double-tap to play and pause audio, flick to switch audio, press and hold to reject a call, and press to listen to whatever you want.

Now, all-new Huawei smart glasses getting the first HarmonyOS update with the build number and it optimizes the health function. Check the full changelog below.

Huawei smart glasses HarmonyOS update changelog:

1. Improve Bluetooth connection stability and anti-interference ability.
2. Optimize the health function of the cervical spine.
3. Optimize the high volume mode.

2. Special reminder for upgrade
1. Please keep the device power greater than 20% before upgrading.
2. Please make sure the Bluetooth connection is maintained during the upgrade process, if the upgrade fails, please try again.

Huawei smart glasses HarmonyOS update

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