HarmonyOS update rolling out for Honor 30 Pro Plus, Honor 20 and Honor Magic 2

Honor 30 Pro+ phone and 2 other Honor devices are now getting the HarmonyOS update, this update brings service center, gallery added support for portrait clustering universal cards, and more.

In addition, update package 2 adds a new cross-device task management function. In the task center (you can enter from the bottom of the screen by sliding for a short pause), you can view and use the historical tasks of the same Huawei ID device (requires support for the task center), and perform tasks Management operations such as mutual transmission. At the same time, system stability is improved.

Honor 20 and Magic 2 phones have also begun to push the HarmonyOS update. Through this update, the service center will add a combination of scene-based services, and similar services will be obtained with one click; the gallery will add a universal card that supports portrait clustering. Also updated and optimized the display of geographic location icons in the status bar of some scenes.

Honor 30 Pro Plus, Honor 20 and Honor Magic 2 HarmonyOS update changelog:

[Service Center]

In the service center (swipe up from the left or bottom right edge of the screen to enter), add a scene-based service combination on the “Discover” tab, and add it to the desktop to automatically adapt to the universal card, and one-click access to similar services.

[Universal Card]

Added a universal card for portrait clustering (swipe up the gallery application icon, which can be added to the desktop), which can rotate the photos of the selected person, click on the avatar to change the person, and click on the photo to jump to the clustering album of the person.


Added a quick download icon for Xiaoyi input method application (click to download and use), Xiaoyi input method can bring you a simple and safe input experience.


Care for the elders, optimize basic experience such as touch and volume, and add desktop icon magnification function.
Optimize system power consumption in some scenarios.



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