HarmonyOS on phone for the first time: See what are the changes

Huawei HarmonyOS software update is currently ongoing on the mainland as well as in the global market. In this article, we will check what you will get once you install this new OS on your device.

The new HarmonyOS Widgets

The first novelty of HarmonyOS compared to the EMUI 12 is the widgets. New and designed to appear not only if added on the home screen but also if you swipe upwards with your finger on the application icon. There’s one for settings, for the Phone app, for the Gallery, and more.

The new HarmonyOS Widgets

Device + becomes Super Device

The most interesting section is undoubtedly Super Device, which was previously called Device +. In fact, once opened it will show us the devices that can be connected to the smartphone and, through a simple animation, with a gesture we can connect or disconnect them, simply by bringing the devices together.

Tap the MateBook icon to activate Multi-screen Collaboration with MateBook, allowing you to edit phone files directly on your laptop using the greater software and display capabilities.

Tap the Vision icon to set HUAWEI Vision as the display for your phone, and enjoy watching video on the big screen.

Device+ HarmonyOS

Also, browsing the operating system you can see many other innovations, the same ones that we saw appear in EMUI 12 compared to the previous version, the EMUI 11. A more modern general style, integrated functions to find applications, news and to receive information from the world, in fact, to supplant the canonical Google services such as Discover.

EMUI 12 Latest News:

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