HarmonyOS setup box: Old TV at home now become a smart screen

Many of you have one question in your mind that how to make old TV into a smart screen and thought one day it become a smart screen? It was reported that Huawei’s partner Hai Meidi will release a smart box, a set-top box that belongs to Huawei Connect, which has HarmonyOS system capabilities and One Touch.

The set-top box of the HarmonyOS system will be released soon, and the boot screen of the product is also seen in the below picture. From the picture, the set-top box runs HarmonyOS, and the boot screen displays HarmonyTV and Huawei’s Smart Screen Logo.

In addition, some users found that the Huawei Logo is still the old model before. In this regard, the blogger revealed that it is used for testing, and this is a third-party one.

According to reports, after accessing the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem, the HarmonyOS Smart Box can be used to touch and pull up the super service card with a HarmonyOS mobile phone. It can control the HarmonyOS Smart Box or get the latest movie recommendation through the FA card, which is free. Trouble installing software.

At the same time, users can also obtain scene-based recommendations through FA cards, understand and purchase the 3D glasses and microphones they need in the process of watching movies.

According to the official, the Haimeidi Smart Box will be listed on the Huawei Mall (VMALL Hongmeng Zhilian Special Zone). Students who intend to “upgrade” their old TV can learn more about it.

HarmonyOS TV HarmonyOS setup box interface HarmonyOS setup box

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