HarmonyOS internal beta for Huawei Mate 9, P10 series and other models will start in late September (Seventh Batch)

According to the latest information, Huawei Mate 9 Series, Huawei P10 series, Huawei tablet M5 series, Huawei nova 3, Huawei Enjoy 9 Plus, and other models will get the HarmonyOS 2 internal beta update in late September (seventh batch).

Huawei today launched the sixth batch of Harmony 2 closed beta recruitment activities, including Huawei Enjoy 20 5G, Huawei Enjoy 9S, Huawei Maimang 8, Huawei Enjoy 10, Honor 20 Youth Edition, Honor 8X, Honor 10 Youth version, Honor 20i (including Honor 20i AAPE co-branded version) and Honor Play3.

Closed beta recruitment

1. For products in the recruitment phase of the internal test, you can sign up for the internal test through the corresponding internal test recruitment post.

2. After the internal test version is released, the internal test registration channel will be closed one after another, and internal test users can report their problems under the corresponding product version release notes of the pollen club

● Public beta (supports “My Huawei” & “Huawei Club” on mobile phones/tablets)

1. Before participating in the public beta, please enter the App Market App, search for “My Huawei” and “Pollen Club” App and update to the latest version (Note: Honor series products only support “Pollen Club” App registration).

2. Please download and install the public beta description file first, and then go to “Settings> System and Update> Software Update> Check for Updates” to upgrade the public beta version. (Please enter the registration portal to download the public beta description file).

3. After the public beta description file reaches the validity period (usually after the end of the public beta activity), the system will prompt the user and automatically delete the public beta description file.

4. After the open beta activity ends, the upgrade entrance for the open beta activity will be closed. Public beta users can report problems under the corresponding version release notes.

HarmonyOS batch seventh

The internal beta recruitment post & public beta activity upgrade entrance & release instructions path is as follows:

Mobile/tablet terminal: “Pollen Club” App> Home> Recommendations> “Internal Beta Registration” & “Public Beta Early Access” or “Pollen Club” App> “Forum”> “Upper Right Corner”> “Software Zone”> “Upgrade Early Access” .

● Official version (My Huawei App/Service App is not limited to upgrade)

1. My Huawei App/Service App is open for unlimited upgrades. You can upgrade via “My Huawei” App> “Upgrade Early Access”> “Check Now” or “Service” App> “Upgrade Early Access”> “Check for Updates”.

2. My HUAWEI App/Service App is an unlimited upgrade phase of products. Users can report problems in the release notes of the corresponding version of the corresponding product.

The release notes path is as follows:

Mobile/tablet terminal: “Pollen Club”> “Forum”> “Upper right corner γ—Š”> Corresponding product section

Computer terminal: “Pollen Club”> “Section”> Corresponding product section

●The whole network upgrade has been completed : go to “Settings> System and Update> Software Update> Check for Updates” to upgrade.


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