HarmonyOS: Smart Card, Task center and more

Huawei’s HarmonyOS is the next generation of the intelligent terminal operating system. HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection, and collaboration of different devices, bringing a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full-scene interactive experience.

Smart Card Interaction, easy device control:

On the latest Huawei’s OS – HarmonyOS, there is a¬†universal card that allows you to get all kinds of information on the device desktop. For operating this, you don’t need to enter the app, just swipe up the icon with your fingertips to slide out the universal card to know the core content of the app. You can use this to easily play and control music, learn about today’s steps, to-dos, and other information

Note that you can choose a 4×4 card size. Add cards to the desktop, edit different sizes, arrange and combine as you wish, and design your own unique desktop.

HarmonyOS Overview

Little cards, everything:

In HarmonyOS devices, you can check the weather, or quickly opening notes, you can use it to reach your destination directly. You can find your frequently-used services here, learn fitness classes, learn about hot current affairs… all kinds of services are click-to-use, and one-click direct access to information and information

The good thing is mobile phones, watches, tablets, smart screens, and other devices have now joined the HarmonyOS 2 family. You can easily control the current device. Play and control music, connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi… directly click to achieve, save complicated operations.


HarmonyOS allows you to directly mobilize peripheral equipment. Nearby devices can be automatically searched and identified, multi-screen collaborative office, streaming large-screen movie viewing, connecting speakers to listen to songs. Smart collaborative experience, which can be turned on instantly with one button.

Huawei Harmony Card


Task center:

Huawei’s HarmonyOS Task Center gives a new way of task management. You can transfer tasks to another coordinated device through the task center of any device to easily complete the task flow. In this way, on your phone or tablet, you can continue what you have just not done at any time.

After the mobile phone touches the smart home device, the connection card will automatically pop up, and the network can be successfully connected in a few simple steps, helping you to easily control the refrigerator, oven, soymilk and other equipment at home. Try to start cooking with one button on your phone, or select ingredients for smart temperature control. Smart life saves time and worry.

Multi-screen collaboration can also mirror the computer screen to facilitate the display of content to others; it can also turn on the sharing mode to realize file transfer between files. Smart office, assisted by the screen, full of tacit understanding.

While shooting a video, you can combine the cameras of nearby mobile phones and tablets to synthesize a video from different angles. During the video chat, you can also switch the cameras of different devices to show the multi-dimensional excitement of the scene. Multi-camera mix and match, no matter how shooting is in sync.

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The system is fast and easy:

Huawei’s latest HarmonyOS performed well in all scenarios, the dynamic effect engine brings smoother click and slide operations.

Applications are fast and fearless:

When the background application is reopened, the last browsing state can be restored immediately, without fear of time interruption, so that the wonderful stay online.

Long-lasting smoothness

Powered with HarmonyOS 2, the device is not only fast but also always fast. Not afraid of equipment aging, long-term use, operation response, application startup, and still full of fun.

HarmonyOS Smart Card, Task center and more

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