HarmonyOS 3 beta Q1 2022 update, HarmonyOS 150 million users, new 9 models list

Huawei has hosted the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021) recently and during the conference, the company has explained the 1+8+N strategy. In which the “1+8” means HarmonyOS and “N” for HarmonyOS Connect.

Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong announced that the number of Huawei HarmonyOS equipment upgrades exceeded 150 million. HarmonyOS is the fastest-growing terminal operating system in history.

Huawei also announced that the HarmonyOS 3 Beta version is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022, providing developers with more complete system capabilities and development tools.

Now, according to the latest HarmonyOS update information, the ninth batch of Huawei HarmonyOS internal beta recruitment is in progress. Users who hold 9 devices including Huawei nova 8 SE can sign up to upgrade HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS 3 beta Q1 2022

These 9 Huawei Devices are now open for the HarmonyOS beta internal beta recruitment:

  1. Huawei Nova 8 SE Active Edition
  2. Huawei Enjoy Tablet 2
  3. Huawei MediaPad M5 Youth Edition 8-inch
  4. Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 inches
  5. Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Version 10.1 inches
  6. Honor Tablet 6 10.1 inches
  7. Honor Tablet X6
  8. Honor Tablet 5 8 inches
  9. Honor Tablet 5 10.1 inches

HarmonyOS 2.0 internal beta update for 9 modelsHarmonyOS 2.0 internal beta update for 9 models

According to the latest official data from Huawei, the number of upgraded users of HarmonyOS on September 23 was 120 million, and the number of upgraded users on October 2 was 130 million. In just 20 days, the number of upgraded users has increased by 20 million.

Judging from this upgrade news, HarmonyOS is advancing almost at an average daily upgrade volume of 1 million. At the same time, the number of new shipments this year exceeded 60 million; the number of HarmonyOS atomic services developed by more than 400 partners exceeded 16,000.


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