Huawei HarmonyOS 40+ Sample applications are launched

Huawei has officially stated that HarmonyOS provides more than 16,000 APIs, which meet the development needs of most applications.
So what exactly is HarmonyOS Sample? It is actually a sample application of HarmonyOS. Developers can use Samples to learn how to use different APIs to build applications, around these samples to learn how to easily create HarmonyOS projects, compile them, and use them in their own projects.

For example, when developing applications:

  • If you want to use the camera capabilities of HarmonyOS, you can refer to the Sample Media-> Camera;
  • If you want to obtain the capabilities of distributed devices, you can refer to: Network->DistributedDevices this Sample;
  • If you want to use the distributed scheduling capability, you can refer to: Ability->DistributedScheduler this Sample;

The first batch of HarmonyOS Sample covers the eight sub-capabilities of HarmonyOS (Ability, Thread, UI, Media, Security, Network, Device, Common), with a total of 40+ Samples, and will continue to be added in the future. Welcome everyone to experience and use them.


List of HarmonyOS Sample List:

  • AbilityConnection
  • AbilityIntent
  • AbilityInteraction
  • CommonEvent
  • CustomNotifications
  • DataAbility
  • DistributedMusicPlayer
  • DistributedScheduler
  • Idl
  • Intent
  • IntentAgent
  • NotificationPageAbility
  • PasteBoard
  • Preference
  • ServiceAbility
  • EventHandler
  • TaskDispatcher
  • Animation
  • Image
  • JSCallJava
  • JSComponenets
  • JSStartMode
  • Localization
  • UserRegistration
  • CommonLayout
  • Components
  • Dialog
  • List
  • PositionLayout
  • ProgressBar
  • UI components
  • Camera
  • PixelMap
  • VideoPlayer
  • Permission
  • Bluetooth
  • DistributedDevices
  • NetworkManagement
  • WLAN
  • Setting
  • Location
  • Download
  • HelloWorld
  • Resources
  • Timer

HarmonyOS Sample

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