Huawei MediaPad M5 Series getting HarmonyOS update

Huawei MediaPad M5 series getting HarmonyOS 2 version update. With this update, your system turns on the pure mode by default. At the same time, the gallery and camera support the universal card function. It is recommended that you update the experience.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Series HarmonyOS Changelog:

Adapted Models:

  • Huawei TabletM5 Pro 10.8 inch CMR-W19
  • Huawei Tablet M5 Pro 10.8 inches CMR-AL19
  • Huawei Tablet M5 10.8 inch CMR-W09
  • Huawei Tablet M5 10.8 inch CMR-AL09
  • Huawei Tablet M5 8.4 inch SHT-W09
  • Huawei Tablet M5 8.4 inch SHT-AL09

Version Update: → update point


[Pure Mode]
The pure mode is turned on by default, and security checks such as malicious behaviors, security vulnerabilities, and privacy risks are performed during the application installation process to prevent the installation of risky applications and ensure the safety and purity of the system operating environment.
[Universal Card]
Added support for camera and gallery applications, slide up the application icon to generate a card, you can select the size of the card, drag to change the position, and change the personalized desktop.
Added Changlian application, you can make high-definition audio and video calls via WLAN or data traffic.
Added feedback assistant application, which is convenient for you to feedback the version’s problems in time.
Optimize the display effect of some interfaces.


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