WPS office for HarmonyOS is now available

According to the information, the WPS HarmonyOS version has been launched at the service center, but it can only be viewed but not edited and can be transferred. The PPT of WPS Office for HarmonyOS shows the new features of WPS HarmonyOS  Edition.

WPS Office for HarmonyOS

WPS office is committed to providing users with a stand-alone office service platform. Following the WPS versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android , iOS, iPad , and Pad, this time, the WPS Hongmeng Edition is ushered in. It will provide you who are full of creativity and chasing dreams. A new generation of collaborative office software improves productivity and explores future office methods.

Multi-terminal document service

For the same document, the small screen is linked to the big screen, WPS provides a variety of solutions, such as projecting documents, online meetings, and multi-person collaborative editing.

Including large-screen presentation, small-screen prompts, text highlighting to focus on key information, full-screen video playback without professional settings, small-screen graffiti, large-screen presentation, picture zoom information at a glance, atomic service on-the-go, HarmonyOS version Seamlessly connect the personal version and multi-screen collaboration to improve productivity.

HarmonyOS Honor devices update


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