A new batch of Huawei HarmonyOS public beta is now LIVE for Honor devices

According to the information, Huawei has started sending the HarmonyOS 2 new batch upgrade list that includes Honor 30 series, Honor V30 series, Honor Play4  Pro, Honor tablet V6 and so on.

The beta version can be identified as upgraded from Registration path (mobile terminal): “Pollen Club App> Home> Public Beta Early adopters”> “Public Beta Upgrade [Registration Entry]”

Note: Version is a public beta version.

HarmonyOS Honor devices update

Public beta activity plan and registration entry

1. Open beta activity: July 21, 2021

2. Notes for registration of public beta activities

(1) The public beta registration only supports the registration of the compatible models in the “Pollen Club” App on the tablet side, and does not support computer registration.

(2) Before participating in the public beta, please go to Huawei AppGallery, search for “My Huawei (Club App)”, download and update (“Pollen Club” App, please update to and above).

(3) Download and install the public beta description file first, and then go to “Settings> System and Updates> Software Updates> Check for Updates” to upgrade the public beta version.

(4) After the public beta description file reaches its validity period (usually after the end of the public beta activity), the system will prompt the user and automatically delete the public beta description file.

HarmonyOS public beta new batch Honor 30 Series HarmonyOS public beta new batch Honor Play 4 Pro HarmonyOS public beta new batch Honor tablet V6 HarmonyOS public beta new batch Honor V30 Series


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