Huawei HarmonyOS Sans font is available for free commercial use

Huawei has officially launched its self-developed operating system – HarmonyOS 2 and also released a brand new custom font HarmonyOS Sans, which is free for commercial use. The main feature is optimized font grayscale and unified multilingual glyphs style, etc., the official download is now available.

Download HarmonyOS Sans

Huawei stated that by studying users’ reading feedback on multi-terminal devices in different scenarios, it comprehensively considers factors such as the size and usage scenarios of different devices, and comprehensively considers the font size and characters caused by differences in viewing distance and viewing angle when users use devices. This font was designed with heavy and different demands.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Huawei, Google, Ali, OPPO and other vendors have released their own free commercial fonts, while vendors such as Microsoft and Xiaomi have their own fonts, but they are not commercially available.

HarmonyOS Sans was produced by the font design team of Hanyi font library, focusing on the functionality and universality of the Internet of Everything. It is a multi-language, stepless, variable font that makes the reading experience in multiple languages ​​more consistent.

It is reported that the font supports five writing systems including simplified and traditional Chinese, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Arabic, and supports 105 languages ​​for global coverage, helping to build a smart world with all things connected.



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