Europe: Huawei MatePad 11 getting 1.22 GB size update

Huawei MatePad 11 users are now getting the new software update based on HarmonyOS 2 in the European market. The latest firmware update is available with the build number and the package size is 1.22 GB.

Huawei MatePad 11 DBY-W09 update changelog:

And this is a very extensive update, which also brings new functions. That’s why the download also weighs in at 1.22 GB. The firmware itself is still (for the time being) based on HarmonyOS 2.0, even if HarmonyOS 3 was already presented in China this week.

With this update, you can simultaneously connect your tablet to certain HUAWEI Watch, Band and MateViw models, as well as HUAWEI Vision and Bluetooth Headphone models via Super Device for a private and immersive audiovisual experience. Multi-cam mode is also added to the camera.

[Super Device]
Adds support for connecting to specific Huawei watches and bands, as well as the HUAWEI MateView for greater cross-device collaboration.
Allows you to connect your tablet to a HHUAWEI Vision and Bluetooth headphones at the same time, so you can enjoy private audio playback through the Bluetooth headphones and enjoy the immersive viewing experience of the HUAWEI Vision screen at the same time.

Adds Multi-Cam mode. With this function, you can take pictures or videos from different angles by using the camera of a nearby phone or tablet. You can preview the recording and control the other device’s camera remotely. (Note: The other device must support Multi-Cam mode.)

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Make certain games run more smoothly.
Optimizes the user experience with touch protection in certain gaming situations.

Improves user experience for some apps.

Improves system stability in certain scenarios.

Integrates security patches released in July 2022 for improved system security.

Adds the senior mode settings screen, which includes a larger font size and longer tap response time, for easy management of settings, which may be useful for seniors.

Huawei MatePad 11 HarmonyOS update

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