Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet getting HarmonyOS update

According to the official information, the Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet getting the HarmonyOS 2 version update. This update adds floating navigation and home page card editing functions.

MatePad Paper is Huawei’s first ink screen tablet, equipped with HarmonyOS 2 system, supports HyperTerminal, and can communicate with mobile phones, notebooks, etc.

Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet HarmonyOS update changelog:

The update adds the floating navigation function to it, and the operation of returning and refreshing the screen through the floating ball will improve the control experience of the ink screen tablet.


Added floating navigation function. Using the floating ball, you can quickly complete operations such as returning to the main page, returning to the previous level, and one-key refresh (slide out the control center from the top right of the screen, and open the floating navigation in the shortcut switch panel). The home page card supports editing function, click the edit button in the upper right corner to sort and remove settings.


Optimize the operating experience of the stylus in some scenarios


Fixed the problem of abnormal synchronization of some scene notes

Security Patches:

Incorporates the April 2022 security patch to enhance system security.

Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet

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