Huawei mobile phone upgrade to HarmonyOS prompts that charging is slow

Recently, some users who have upgraded HarmonyOS have reported that the below-mentioned prompt will appear in the notification bar when the charger they have been using is charging the phone.

In this regard, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, said that this prompt indicates that the charger is a counterfeit product because Huawei has added a charger smart identification function to HarmonyOS, which can identify counterfeit Huawei’s counterfeit chargers.

HarmonyOS prompts that charging is slow

If this prompt appears when your phone is charging, it is recommended that you immediately replace the charger produced by Huawei.

“It’s not that the mobile phone does not support fast charging after upgrading Harmony. These counterfeit chargers have never been able to fast charge. After upgrading Hongmeng, it provides users with a way to quickly identify counterfeit chargers.” Bruce Lee said.

A user asked on Weibo: “Where can I buy the original charger? Authorized stores are mostly out of stock, and users don’t have the ability to identify genuine and fake ones. Copycat chargers are flying all over the sky. Does Huawei need to do anything”.


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