Huawei P40 Series getting April 2022 security patch

Huawei P40 5G, P40 4G, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro+ smartphone users are now getting the HarmonyOS 2 version update. This update incorporates April 2022 security patches and enhances the security of the mobile phone system.

Huawei P40 Series HarmonyOS update changelog:

Adapted Models:

P40 5G full Netcom version ANA-AN00
P40 5G full Netcom version (mobile customization) ANA-TN00
P40 4G full Netcom version ANA-AL00
P40 Pro full Netcom version ELS-AN00
P40 Pro Full Netcom Version (Mobile Customization) ELS-TN00
P40 Pro+ Full Netcom Version ELS-AN10

Version Update: →

Integrates security patches released in March 2022 to improve system security.

Notes on the update:
1. Your personal data will not be deleted by the update. However, we recommend that you back up important data before updating.
2. For more features, visit Tips.
3. If you encounter any problems during the update, call Huawei customer hotline or visit a Huawei customer service center.
4. The update package will be automatically deleted after the update is complete.

Huawei P40 Series HarmonyOS update

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