Huawei plans to develop 100 million digital homes in 5 years with Hongmeng FTTR solution

According to the latest information, the Chinese tech giant Huawei held an “FTTR room full of light Forum and F5G Huawei Stars new conference,” and during the conference, the company has officially announced HongMeng (Harmony) FTTR solutions.

Zhou Jun, President of Huawei’s Optical Access Product Line, said that since the birth of the first FTTR (Fibre to The Room) commercial user in September 2020, it has grown to 100,000 in one year and will release Hongmeng Zhilian FTTR. The new product has three characteristics:

1. New panel-style products are added for scenes such as real estate hardcover houses and tooling, which are small in size, high performance, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving;

2. Through cooperation with Hongmeng Zhilian, it will bring users a minimalist interaction and ultimate experience, which can realize one-touch Internet access, one-key management, one-room travel, and one-second acceleration;

3. Provide promiseable high-quality services through the visual management platform NCE: Intelligent applications support parental control, realize minute-level intelligent troubleshooting, and intelligent visualization of topology and experience.

The official launch of the development initiative of “10 million in three years and 100 million FTTR digital homes in five years ” has been launched, and new products of BusinessFTTR have been launched for small, medium and micro-enterprises.

Hongmeng (Harmony)


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