HarmonyOS 2 version released for Huawei Smart Screen V98

Huawei has released the HarmonyOS 2 version (SP5) for the Huawei Smart Screen V98. Through this update, your smart screen will support the connection of more sports equipment for sports data linkage, helping you to exercise easily and scientifically. At the same time, many intimate functions and usage guides have been added for you, and the functions of smooth connection and screen projection have been improved.


Huawei Smart Screen V98 (SOKR-790A) (SP2)→ (SP5)

Distributed home theater – Support four-speaker mode.

Smart Screen Desktop – The new simple mode is integrated with the convenient page. Adds more feature functions.

Sports Health – After connecting the Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 3 the sports data of the watch can be displayed synchronously. Support linkage with a variety of treadmills and bicycles from brands such as Yijian, Shuhua, Yipao, Youmei. Added physical ability and my achievement card, a new experience of healthy exercise. Add target riding, target running, and set goals independently to make movement more free optimized the display, effect of the fitness screen in.

Accessories – Some situations support connection to Huawei Beitong smart gamepad (sold separately), bringing a richer gaming experience.

Meetime – Optimizes the experience of Meetime.

Screencast – Optimize the screencasting experience.

How to update?

[Manual Update] Turn on the smart screen and go to “Settings > System > Software Update” >Check for Updates”, the smart screen will automatically scan the system version. When the scan result shows that there is a new version, follow the prompts on the interface to update the system.

Huawei Smart Screen V98 HarmonyOS 2 version

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