Huawei HarmonyOS official manual released

Huawei HarmonyOS said that the official HarmonyOS desktop manual has been released. According to the official introduction, the notification center and the control center are separated in terms of operation. You can call out the control center by sliding down from the top right side of the screen, and you can call out the notification center by sliding down from the top left side of the screen.

In terms of features, HarmonyOS brings 3 big new functions: universal cards, large folders, smart folder naming, and recommendations.

  • Universal card: Slide the application icon with the prompt bar on the desktop to expand the universal card; or long press the desktop application icon and select “Service Card” to add the card to the desktop.
  • Large folder: long-press the folder and click “show as large folder” to switch to a large folder, and the application can quickly reach it.
  • Smart naming and recommendation of folders: After dragging the application icon to the same type of application, it will intelligently name and recommend the same type of application. It can also quickly organize and classify the same type of applications for easy search and use.

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