Huawei HarmonyOS Sans font officially launched

According to the information, Hanyi Font Library stated that Huawei’s brand new custom font HarmonyOS Sans is officially launched. Basically, it supports 5 major writing systems including simplified and traditional Chinese, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Arabic, with global coverage of 105 languages, helping to build a smart world with all things connected.

HarmonyOS Sans font is easy to read, unique, and universal. In the design of HarmonyOS Sans, in order to deal with the fragile joints of variable font strokes, optimized and unified processing has been made to make the final appearance of the fonts clean and neat.

HarmonyOS Sans Font Key Details:

  • HarmonyOS Sans optimizes the “grayscale” feeling of fonts for diverse application scenarios.
  • HarmonyOS Sans was compared with the high-quality fonts Hanyi Qihei and Microsoft Yahei. The eye movement experiment showed below (bottom of this article).
  • Comparing Western with Product Sans and Roboto, the average fixation time of the new font is lower than that of other fonts. As a result, the legibility of HarmonyOS Sans in both Chinese and Western languages ​​has been confirmed.
  • According to the evaluation of the font style by Huawei users, the high-frequency vocabulary of user evaluation is: clear, neutral, elegant, natural, beautiful, and comfortable. The user’s favorability of the new font is higher than that of the old font, and they perceive the optimization of the font strokes, such as weakening the mechanical sense of the boldface.
  • On the premise of ensuring the font function, compared with other system fonts, the uniqueness of HarmonyOS Sans is that it finds a new balance between humanity and modernity.
  • When users change from the default font Roboto to HarmonyOS Sans, they will not feel very jumpy, but change from HarmonyOS Sans to Roboto makes the change.
  • In order to deal with the often inconsistent problem of matching Chinese and Western texts, HarmonyOS Sans has made targeted optimizations. On the whole, HarmonyOS Sans is bigger and wider than Roboto, and it matches the Chinese language better.
  • HarmonyOS Sans also designed Italic, Condensed, Condensed Italic fonts, providing more possibilities for diverse and complex application scenarios.

HarmonyOS Intro:

HarmonyOS is a distributed operating system for smart lifestyles in all scenarios. Based on the distributed concept of the same system capability and adapting to multiple terminal forms, it can support multiple terminal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, smart screens, smart wearables, smart speakers, car machines, headsets, AR/VR glasses, etc.

For consumers, HarmonyOS can integrate the capabilities of various terminals in life scenes to form a “One Super Device”, which enables extremely fast connection, mutual assistance, and resource sharing between different terminal devices, matching suitable devices and providing smoothness.

The brand-new customized font of Huawei’s brand-HarmonyOS Sans designed by Hanyi font library is based on the three characteristics of easy-to-read, unique, and universal so that we can better return to our roots and establish balance in the complex and complicated world in the era of interconnection.

The official website of Hanyi font library

Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Website




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