HarmonyOS applications launched: More icons with HMOS corners

Huawei HarmonyOS 2 has been officially released, but most of the applications with HarmonyOS services come with the system. Third-party applications are still relatively small, but not completely. The current pure HarmonyOS applications include Sina News Hongmeng Edition, Weibo, Ink Weather HM Edition, and CCTV Audio-Visual Hongmeng (Harmony) Edition. There are also several applications that support HarmonyOS features: Youku Video, JD.com.

Among them, the “HMOS” subscript on the icon is a pure HarmonyOS application, and the underlined application supports the card features of HarmonyOS. Pure HarmonyOS applications refer to applications developed based on HarmonyOS, and applications that support HarmonyOS features refer to applications developed based on Android but use the features of HarmonyOS.

To search for these apps, search for the app name in the Huawei App Store, click on the app’s introduction page, and draw to the bottom. In the list of “Other apps by the same developer”, you can find the “HMOS” subscript. Or applications with the text “Harmony Edition” or “HM Edition” in the name.

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In addition, applications that support HarmonyOS features will be marked “Contains HarmonyOS service” in the introduction, and you can also determine whether they are HarmonyOS applications based on this.

The Harmony also found that all applications with HarmonyOS services are still exported via the tool with the suffix APK, and the two types of HarmonyOS applications cannot be installed on other Android phones. In addition, the size of applications that support HarmonyOS features is not much different from Android applications, sometimes smaller than Android applications, but integrates more functions.

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