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On June 2, Huawei officially released its self-made HarmonyOS 2, at the same time, a number of mobile phones and other products can apply to experience the HarmonyOS public beta. Users who join the public beta can receive the HarmonyOS upgrade medal at the Huawei forum club. Recently, Huawei launched a limited edition ” HarmonyOS Forum Medal “. Users can log in to the Pollen (Forum) Club App from June 5th to June 20th to receive it.

The HarmonyOS Logo is printed on the front of this medal. It has a black background. You can see the blue dash under the letter O. The designer of Huawei HarmonyOS UX previously stated that the addition of horizontal lines makes the letters resemble the Chinese character “Dan”, which means that the sun rises from the horizon. This medal is also printed with the reflection of the letter O, as if emerging from the sea.

The Huawei Pollen Club stated that users can post multiple times during the event to increase the probability of winning. Each ID can not reply more than 5 times in a row, and the total reply cannot exceed 50 times. And it is strictly forbidden to use irrigation software and vests to grab buildings. HarmonyOS Pollen Medal Event Sticker.

Activity time

  • June 5, 2021-June 20, 2021 23:59:59

How to participate

  • Step1: Go to the Pollen Club APP Medal Center to receive the limited HarmonyOS pollen medal;
  • Step2: Share your limited HarmonyOS pollen medal to various social platforms and take a screenshot;
  • Step3: Reply to your shared screenshot to this post to participate in the activity.

HarmonyOS Limited Physical Medal: 50 sets:

  • 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%, 26%, 28%, 30%, 32 of the total response floor %, 34%, 36%, 38%, 40%, 42%, 44%, 46%, 48%, 50%, 52%, 54%, 56%, 58%, 60%, 62%, 64%, 66%, 68%, 70%, 72%, 74%, 76%, 78%, 80%, 82%, 84%, 86%, 88%, 90%, 92%, 94%, 96%, 98% , 100%, get 1 set of HarmonyOS physical medals

Awarding Rules

  • We will use the total number of floors of replies as of 23:59:59 on June 20th as the base. The winning floors of each award will be calculated as a percentage. After the event, the winning floors and corresponding lists will be announced within three weeks. When calculating the winning floor, if a decimal is encountered, it will be rounded off.

Notes for Winning Prize

  • The list of winners will be announced in this post within three weeks after the end of the event. The collection period of the winners’ addresses is 7 days.
  • The color of the prizes will be shipped randomly; the prizes will be free of charge, no remarks will be accepted for express delivery. Event gifts have no maintenance rights.
  • Winning users need to reply to the courier recipient’s name, mobile phone number and mailing address within one week after receiving the private message for the distribution of the prize, otherwise, it will be deemed to have been given up automatically and the prize will not be reissued. Event prizes will be issued within 60 working days after the award is announced, the eligibility for the award is confirmed and the winning user’s mailing information is obtained. The distribution area for event prizes is limited to mainland China (except for Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan and overseas regions).
  • The information collected above will only be used for this event’s contact and prize distribution. Those who mind can also contact [email protected] to waive the winning qualification.

Activity Rules

  • Every user participating in the event understands and knows that you have the right to choose whether to participate in this event. By participating in the event and commenting, it is deemed that you fully understand all the content of this event and agree to abide by all event rules.
  • Participating replies whose screenshots do not conform to the activity participation method or rules will be postponed to the next floor that meets the requirements.
  • All reviews must comply with the pollen club’s “User Agreement”, ” Forum Management Regulations” and other rules and national laws and regulations. “The Pollen Club User Agreement” must not contain illegal or illegal elements, and must not contain external links or promotional content. Otherwise, it will be blocked.
  • In order to prevent malicious flooding of prizes, each ID shall not reply more than 5 times in a row, and the total reply shall not exceed 50 times. Once a malicious user is found, the ID will be disqualified and the award will be postponed to the next valid place; the same ID only You can win a prize once, and the repeated prize will be subject to the first win. The second winner will be postponed to the next floor;
  • Participants are strictly prohibited from using irrigation software and vests to grab buildings. Once a participant is found to have violated regulations, it will be canceled directly
    No notice will be given if you are eligible for the award and impose a permanent ban on it; 6. Plagiarism, copying other people’s works or the content of replies is prohibited, and the award will be cancelled once discovered;
  • Posting/editing/replying is invalid after the event is over;
  • This event is not allowed If a Huawei employee participates, if he wins a prize after participating, he will automatically be disqualified;
  • Before the announcement of the winner list, if the participant is found not to meet the requirements of the event, he will be disqualified directly and the award will be postponed; after the announcement of the winner list, if the winner is found to be in violation, Its qualification for the award will be cancelled, and the award will be invalid and not postponed; If you have any questions, please contact the pollen club: [email protected]

Content usage and disclaimer

  • After the user publishes the content in accordance with the requirements of the event, he is deemed to agree and authorize the organizer to use the work/content released this time for this event and product, brand promotion, including but not limited to using the work/content for Online and offline omnichannel and Omni-media promotion, valid for two years from the date of upload of the work/content.
  • Participating users promise to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, not to upload reactionary, pornographic, violent, terrorist and other forms of illegal information, and not to infringe the rights of any third party (including but not limited to the copyright, portrait rights, reputation) The organizer reserves the right to delete content that violates national laws and regulations, or content that the organizer believes violates public order or good social customs, and the organizer has the right to delete and cancel its qualification for this award. . If the participating user’s work or behavior infringes the rights of a third party, or violates the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, all legal liabilities arising from it shall be borne by the participating user.

Privacy Statement

  • We will collect the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the recipients who participated in this event and won the prizes.
  • The personal information provided by the winning users will only be used for this event’s contact and prize distribution, and will not be used for other purposes.
  • Based on the above-mentioned purposes, we may share your personal data with third-party service providers, and we will also require them to comply with the privacy policy restrictions. We will take the necessary technical measures to ensure that your personal information is safe, not leaked, misused or misappropriated, lost or accidentally damaged; we will only retain your personal information for the time necessary to achieve the above purpose, beyond the retention time Delete or anonymize your personal information afterwards. If you want to learn more about the rights of data subjects and Huawei’s information security measures, please read the “Privacy Statement on Pollen Club” or log in to the “Consumer Business Privacy Statement” on Huawei’s official website.

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