EMUI 11: New Notepad Features

In the latest Emotion UI – EMUI 11, Notepad introduced more features on Huawei devices. In addition to the popular note-taking feature, a helpful text extraction feature has been added to solve these problems for you.

A hidden Extract Text tool on NotePad

Many of you will have already tried the Scanner feature in the Notepad on EMUI. With the help of this feature, you can scan text from your favourite books into the NotePad and “store” them flexibly. It also helps you scan your ID card when you don’t have a scanner around. You may be wondering whether, in addition to scanning images and texts, it can extract text as well.

Once you updated your smartphone to EMUI 11, the Extract Text feature in Notepad will help you out. Some attentive users may have already noticed the Extract Text icon on the bottom left when using NotePad’s Scan Document feature to scan images containing text. That’s right. Simply tap on the icon to extract all the text from it. What’s more, you can then edit the text and convert the entire image into a text file. Of course, you can choose to save both the image and the text, too. From now on, it will be so much easier to create notes of images and text extracted from a book. (Note: Currently, only Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian are supported.)

On EMUI 11, Notepad adds a new sharing feature that lets you export the note to a file. Just tap on the Share icon at the bottom left and you can choose to share the note with your friends in HTML format.

Create a note > Select Gallery and tap the Scan Document icon > Tap to take a picture > Press the Extract Text icon at the bottom left.

EMUI 11 Notepad

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